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Working papers:

Fear of hiking? Rising interest rates in times of high public debt
with Leopold Zessner-Spitzenberg
New version: January 2024; Available as CEPR Discussion Paper 16837

Monetary policy in the age of automation
with Luca Fornaro
New version: September 2022; Available as CEPR Discussion Paper 16416

The global financial resource curse
with Gianluca Benigno and Luca Fornaro
New version: October 2023; Available as CEPR Discussion Paper 14441
Revise and resubmit at the American Economic Review

Play for the rich and work for the poor? The optimal distribution of saving and work in the heterogeneous agents neoclassical growth model
with Akshay Shanker
New version: August 2021; Available as CEPR Discussion Paper  16479


Delayed overshooting: The case for information rigidities
with Thomas Hettig and Gernot Müller
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, forthcoming; Local copy; Online Appendix; Data and Code

The scars of supply shocks: Implications for monetary policy
with Luca Fornaro
Journal of Monetary Economics 140, November 2023, SI: Inflation: Drivers and Dynamics 2022; Local copy; Code

Reserve accumulation, growth, and financial crises
with Gianluca Benigno and Luca Fornaro
Journal of International Economics 139, November 2022, SI: Financial frictions: Macroeconomic implications and policy options for emerging economies; Data; Code

Pecuniary externalities in economies with downward wage rigidity
Journal of Monetary Economics 116, 219-235, December 2020; Local copyOnline Appendix; Code

Exit expectations and debt crises in currency unions
with Alexander Kriwoluzky and Gernot Müller
Journal of International Economics 121, November 2019; Local copy; Online Appendix; Code

Step away from the zero lower bound: Small open economies in a world of secular stagnation
with Giancarlo Corsetti, Eleonora Mavroeidi and Gregory Thwaites
Journal of International Economics 116, 88-102, January 2019; Local copy

Deleveraging, deflation and depreciation in the euro area
with Dmitry Kuvshinov and Gernot Müller 
European Economic Review 88, 42-66, September 2016, SI: The post-crisis slump; Local copy

Other writings:

Covid-19 coronavirus and macroeconomic policy
with Luca Fornaro
March 2o2o; Available as CEPR Discussion Paper 14529; Read a summary on VoxEU


University of St. Gallen
Bodanstrasse 8
CH-9000 St. Gallen
office 29-002


I am an Assistant Professor of Monetary Economics at the University of St. Gallen. I am also affiliated with the CEPR. I obtained my PhD from the University of Bonn in 2017.

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My field of research is Macroeconomics. I am interested in Monetary Economics, International Economics and Economic Growth.

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